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About Us

About Keepsake Family Tree Videos - Photo Restoration Farmington Hills - Jeff_Jahn
Jeff Jahn’s interest in home movies, music, and biographies developed into a passion for “Telling the Stories of the Not So Rich and Not So Famous” in the late 1980’s. Beginning as a hobby with “two VCR’s and a boom box”, Jeff produced graduation videos for his two daughters, Stephanie and Holly.
Other “in-home” projects about his interests in Vinyl Records, Lighthouses, and family friends fueled his desire to use his creative and technical skills to help people enjoy and preserve their memories. In 2003, Jeff
began Keepsake Family Tree Video, enabling him to provide professional quality video production benefiting people from all walks of life. He has used his previous work experiences as a Lutheran Minister (5 years), and working in graphic design and sales for the family printing business (22 years) to enable people to celebrate life and those they love and to find comfort during life’s difficult times.
Jeff recently moved to Farmington Hills where he lives near his two now grown daughters. He enjoys camping, getting together with close friends and family, playing guitar, and singing. He is involved as a leader of worship and in the music programs at Hope Lutheran Church in Farmington Hills MI.