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Others Say...

"Thank you so, so much for making the DVDs from the old film. It really is heartwarming and means more than you know to see myself with Andy when he was a baby. It is reassuring now to see myself being sweet to him then. Not only that, but our daughter-in-law's mother is in the movie…she died a year later and our daughter-in-law will be very happy to see, although briefly, her mom, moving and alive rather than in motionless photos."
Bonnie Myhrum,
Plymouth MI
"Thank you for creating such a wonderful DVD celebrating our parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. Watching the DVD and listening to the music was a very emotional journey for us and our parents. It also helped the grandkids understand more about when and how their grandparents grew up, met, married and raised their kids. The DVD also inspired Grandpa to bring out his scrapbook/photo album from the Korean War to share his experiences with his grandchildren."
Ross & Linda Ridenour
"The Memorial DVD that Jeff put together for us is truly a family treasure. Our family put a lot into selecting the photographs, music, and text. We were amazed to see that Jeff had put it together as if he was a member of our family. When we showed the DVD at the funeral dinner, all our guest felt like they had lived through my father’s life in 11 minutes. When I turned around and looked at all my family and friends they were smiling through their tears- it was a site to behold. Thanks for making our tribute to our father so very special!"
Betty Noel