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The "Keepsake" Advantage

A Keepsake Family Tree Video is truly a unique KEEPSAKE! No other video company does exactly what we do! Here is a list of the many wonderful benefits our services provide:
  • Keepsake Family Tree Video eliminates the element of BOREDOM when looking at someone’s films & photographs.
  • KFTV adds the element of EXCITEMENT to your memories
  • KFTV is the ULTIMATE GIFT to your family
  • KFTV is the only INSURANCE POLICY for your priceless memories
  • KFTV allows both PAST & FUTURE GENERATIONS to see their heritage
  • KFTV justifies the TIME, ENERGY, AND MONEY we’ve spent on taking photos, slides and old home movies and makes it all worthwhile.
  • KFTV enables your memories be in multiple LOCATIONS
  • KFTV brings UNITY back into your family. When you see your memories on a KFTV, you are reminded how important your family really is.
  • KFTV uses CREATIVE special effects, music, movement and other tools to improve your memories presentation.
  • KFTV CUSTOM produces each project to accommodate each family’s needs
  • KFTV uses very sophisticated broadcast quality EQUIPMENT to bring new life to your memories.